Bag Chasing!

Someday I won’t be able to chase bags in the wind with my kids, today is NOT that day!

Our favorite place to play this game is at the beach, but it is a hoot here as well when it’s  particularly gusty outside like it was today.  Annie’s bag ended up about a half mile away on the North end of Felida park.  We ran until we were out of breath and then laughed until we were out of breath; all the while creating another memory together that we will forever cherish. Last year I listened from inside while my girls squealed with laughter as they chased their bags, I think I maybe joined them once if at all.  Each day I am more and more grateful for this journey that is pulling me out the rut that I had let myself fall into.  Today was a rush!




One thought on “Bag Chasing!

  1. Me Missed our Palmersheims today heart emoticon Although I’m sure you’re not missing this weather in Kauai Kiersten Palmersheim!

    Kiersten Palmersheim No we are not. It was windy here but also 82…we could have done it at the beach!


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