Running off Steam!

Someday I won’t be able to run off steam, today is NOT that day!

With 4 kids all in some stage of puberty right now and me for their mother emotions are running especially hot in our house lately; we pretty much hit the whole gamut of emotions several times a day every day haha 😛  Tonight we hit a peak of frustration and anger, so Annie and I laced up and went for a run.  My son Brady has always been great about running off negative emotions and I love that his sister is following in his footsteps.  We have discovered that this is one of the best and healthiest ways for us to bring ourselves back to a place of peace and happiness.  We each ran hard on our own and then ended up walking together and talking which resulted in one of the deepest bonding moments that we’ve ever shared.  I am grateful for our healthy bodies that are able to run, that we were able to transform negative feelings into positive ones, for our beautiful moment of bonding and for the calories that I burned!  Today was  a victory!  (This blurry pic was the best that I could do because I was still gasping for air haha)



One thought on “Running off Steam!

  1. Connie Sprinkel Kolosvary I love this message heart emoticon

    Norine Williams Mickel I am so impressed with your modeling of a healthy way to deal with emotions. I am taking notes

    Mary Ellen Helmes Me too! I find myself saying, “Today is not that day!” Thanks Kristie, for a sneak peak into your daily life of ups and downs. It’s inspired me (more than once!) to live in the moment. Life is a gift.

    Amy Shaw Surface such a good momma, I am taking notes too! heart emoticon


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