Pajama Ice Cream Run!

Someday I won’t be able to surprise my kids with a pajama ice cream run, today is NOT that day!

I used to do this with my boys when they were young and have been meaning to do it with the girls for years; I am so happy that I finally did.  We were really missing our girl Annie, but it was a great opportunity for some one on one bonding for Josie and I.  Tonight after she put her jammies on I asked her if she was ready, she asked me for what and hesitated just a bit when I told her the plan.  She quickly decided that she couldn’t care less what anyone thought of our attire.  We had the best time!  We spent an hour enjoying each other’s company, giggling and eating our favorite ice cream treats together.  I love it what my kids get as much of a kick out of me as I do them ❤  This will be a forever memory for both of us and one that I would’ve missed out on if it weren’t for this journey.  I had let myself fall into the unhealthy pattern of thinking that I would start living my life again as soon as I scaled the next mountain of burdens and responsibilities.  The joy of life isn’t waiting for me on the other side of the mountain though; another mountain is what is on the other side.  They say the joy is all in the journey and now more than ever I believe this to be true.  Today was delicious!




One thought on “Pajama Ice Cream Run!

  1. Stacey Hunt Shields Good reminder to take advantage of those small moments with our kids. Thank you Kristie!

    Cory Killeen Such sweet pictures

    Kiersten Palmersheim Yes good reminder!

    Sheila Owings Guernsey Great fun… great memory!

    Carrie Christensen Schaller Cute!

    Mary Thompson Are you the best Mom ever?

    Katie Glasgow Ayers Cute!!!

    Joni Wendelken Morin Love this.

    Renee Kinkley Super love it!!

    Kristie Benson I am blessed to know all of you amazing moms who inspire me daily!

    Michelle Phillips Words of wisdom, thank you for the reminder! Love this and the both of you


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