Hamilton Mtn Hike!

Someday I won’t be able to hike Hamiliton Mtn, today is NOT that day!

I’m so happy that I got to spend this gorgeous day hiking with my adorable friend Cory.  This beautiful hike has a majestic area of water falls that you can enjoy from an up close and personal vantage point; it is really exhilarating.  A couple years ago I wouldn’t have allowed myself to take 6 hours off just for myself like this; I may be slow, but thankful that I finally figured out that I have more to offer my family when I allow myself to refuel.  My only complaint from this perfect day is that Washington is really lacking in the signage department; they have no distance or arrows signs anywhere.  Admittedly I tend to get lost even when there are signs, but we ended up going 8.41 miles instead of the 6 miles that they claim the hike is.  Normally I would love adding mileage to a hike, however this steep incline had me gasping for air and my legs begging for mercy haha 😛  Today was excellent!



One thought on “Hamilton Mtn Hike!

  1. Tracey Stimmel · Friends with Cory Killeen and 13 others
    LOVE!! that hike! Love that you got to do it today (Cory Killeen–what a beautiful day!! I’m so jealous!!! Good times. smile emoticon

    Absolutely love this hike! What a beautiful day for it! smile emoticon

    Cory Killeen Thanks again Kristie! What a beautiful day!! The hips are dying!!:)

    Kiersten Palmersheim What a perfect day for a hike!

    Sara Stock Steinke I’ve done that hike. It’s hard, but so rewarding. What a great day for it.

    Garrett Dold 2nd best hike on the Washington side!

    Mary Ramsey Miller I have not done this one yet but want to someday! Looks amazing!

    Brenda Baird Bassett Great hike, Im jealous! smile emoticon


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