I Love Looping!

Someday I won’t be able to support a great program that benefits our kids, today is NOT that day!

My friend, Ty Christian, has created a great program called Musik; Musicians Using Song to Inspire Kids.  It is a music assembly program that brings a variety of quality concerts into our schools to inspire our kids.  I had the honor and pleasure of attending one of these concerts to enjoy the music and capture pictures for the program.  The musician was the extremely talented Mike Love who sings beautifully self written Reggae songs and uses a loop to make his performance really fantastic. We are blessed to live in an area full of parents/people who work hard to create amazing opportunities like these for our kids.  “We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future” Franklin Roosevelt .  In parenting the days seem long and the years short;  before this journey it was too easy for me to get lost in the longs days and loose my focus.  I’m grateful for this inspiration to stay mindful and focused.  Today rocked!



One thought on “I Love Looping!

  1. Sandi Hawk Christian Thanks for being there today Kristie!!

    Laura Maxwell Jacobs It was an awesome concert, the kids at Jason Lee really enjoyed it! Was fun to see you there Kristie!

    Way to go Ty Christian! Glad to see your efforts taking off!

    Kristine Baylous This post so so. Made my day day! Thank you Kristie for your passion and joy!


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