Rise and Shine!

Someday I’ll be out of time and not able to break bad habits, today is NOT that day!

Sleeping has always been a huge weakness of mine for many deep seeded reasons.  There are times when I use sleep as a comfort or an escape.  The main problem with me and sleep though is sleeping in much later than I should.  Most of my adult life I have promised myself that I would break this habit, but I have always failed with the follow through.  Today I did some research and have made a commitment to myself to break this habit for once and for all.  To be honest I am really not looking forward to this; it is extremely important to me however and once I am on the other side I have no doubt that I will be beyond thrilled.  Although I am really starting to annoy myself with all of these intense demands, it feels so freeing and absolutely amazing to add items that would’ve ended up on a list of regrets to my “yes, I did it!” list.  Today was a challenge!



One thought on “Rise and Shine!

  1. Kerri Overcast Stockman So you are probably a night owl ?

    Cindy Hayes Sleeping beauty

    Keela Stumpf Do you have the paparazzi following you around these days!? Even in your sleep!

    Kristie Benson Nah, just passing my craft on to my kids and having some fun photo journaling

    Gretchen Gettles I feel ya, love my sleep too! 😴😴

    Katie Stone Green Kristie, this is such an adorable post, both picture and content. Kudos to you!

    Larry Zettle A Men. 10 am is my time to wake up. Makes a better day. Go to bed at 12 ampm.

    Connie Sprinkel Kolosvary But those sheets are so cute though!

    Kristine Baylous Sleep my child and peace attend thee, all through the night!

    Kristi Semmler Valentine What time would you like to be up every morning? My internal, forever alarm clock is about 5:20 AM, no matter the day if the week! Lol!


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