Feeling Proud!

Someday I won’t be able to climb to the top of a rock wall, today is NOT that day!

It is a rare occurrence for me to feel proud of myself, but today I was bursting with pride and excitement as I faced my fear of heights head on and reached my goal.  Climbing that high up is hard, however it is being that high up and trusting the automatic belay enough to let go of the wall that was the killer for me.  My daughter could see my legs shaking from fear all the down on the ground.  I have tried several times throughout my life to conquer this fear to no avail.  Today I reminded myself that someday I’m not going to have the chance to do this and that motivated to buck up and really push myself.  It was a process, but by my last climb I quickly scaled the wall up, took a quick very deep breath and let go of the wall letting the belay take me all the way down!  Boy did that feel fantastic!  Today was an accomplishment!



One thought on “Feeling Proud!

  1. Kiersten Palmersheim Nice work! Letting go for the ride down is the hardest part….I agree!

    Coralee Corrie Briggs Such an inspiration! You go girl!

    Garrett Dold Ride on!

    Michelle Lueck Where is that wall?

    Katie Glasgow Ayers Awesome job!!

    Chris Frink I love the Source. My nephew and I had races to the top. Then I was unable to walk for a week. Lol.

    Kerri Overcast Stockman I’ve done that once… It took me three times to get the courage to go all the way to the top smile emoticon

    Donna Hunting Nice job! When I first glanced at the picture the wall reminded me of the gum wall in Seattle lol.

    Carol Ross Your very brave toots! 💕 i


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