Someday I won’t be able to watch my kids play Hotshots basketball, today is NOT that day!

After 15 years my turn as a Hotshots parent will end in about a month.  Similar to the whole experience, the end feels bittersweet.  It didn’t take Tom and I long to figure out that we did not breed basketball players. 😛  We were able to relax and view the games as highly entertaining instead of embarrassing once we realized that our kids had talents, they were just in sports and areas of life other than basketball haha.  They will by no means be receiving any basketball scholarships, but to be fair they did all become decent players as they got older.  It has been refreshing watching them get to take a break from all the other pressures in their lives and play a sport purely for the fun of it with their friends.  While I am sad to see this chapter in my life end as I know it means that even my baby is growing up, I look forward to all the new experiences that will be coming our way.  Today was a ball!



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