I’m finally gonna be a drummer!

Someday I won’t be able to take drum lessons, today is NOT that day!

I’ve always wanted to play the drums.  I have no clue why it’s taken me so long, but I’m so excited to finally be doing it!  I passionately dislike the slow awkward stage of learning something new and I don’t have a lot of confidence so I prefer to master something before I do it in the presence of someone else. I really want to be able to play Phil Collins though so I am stretching myself way out of my comfort zone and having someone else teach me how to play.  The first half of the lesson was kind of rough, but then he let me have a go at the hi hat, snare and bass- Yeah Baby!  I got of small taste of the magic of drumming that my friend Riley told me about. 🙂  C.S. Lewis said it well, “You’re never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream” and there is no time like today to do so!  Today was a novelty!



One thought on “I’m finally gonna be a drummer!

  1. I will play my clarinet with you;) we can be a band!

    Gina Domeniconi-Gasser Good for you! You and Jason could play a duet! I loved listening to him play!

    Diane Granville Morse Way to go sweetheart!

    Cheryl Kleier I play clarinet too! We can be a marching band!

    Tammy Barry Loving your “this is NOT that day” posts. You are an inspiration!!

    Thea Hosford Yey! Riley says that he is proud of you!

    Kristie Benson Thanks to him for the inspiration!

    Carmen Cooper Barnes Awesome!!! You go girl!!!

    Tami Wainwright You will always be my rock star! Not my hair stylist (remember my bangs?) But always my rock star smile emoticon love you

    Michelle Lueck You are so cute! We are never to old to try new things

    Shannon Miranda I’m learning the keyboard…lets start a girl band!!

    Jay Goodwin You are just so cute. Hahaha!!

    Carol Ross Good for you!! 💕

    Kevin Loucks I am a drummer also,the only bad part about playing the drums is it is not a instrument you can pack easily and play around a campfire or serenade your lover with. But you can get the whole house dancing to a good funky beat.

    Marilou Hallquist It’s never too late Kristi!!! Good for you.


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