Someday it will be too late to forgive, today is NOT that day!

Today I researched forgiveness and it is much more involved than I realized.  Offenses that I thought I had forgiven and dealt with long ago have continued to have a huge impact on my life and now I understand why.  I acknowledged these offenses/offenders from a new perspective and began the process of properly and thoroughly forgiving (and all that this process entails) so that I may not merely survive, but thrive!  This has also brought to light offenses that I need to seek forgiveness for from others.  I am at the top of my own list of offenders that I need to offer forgiveness to.  This process has already felt freeing in many unexpected ways and I’m excited to see what more will come of it.  I am grateful for the strengths that I have gained from past experiences and that God is providing opportunities for me to use these strengths to serve others.  Today was important!




3 thoughts on “Forgiveness!

  1. Kristie, I LOVE your blog! I find myself saying “this is NOT that day” to myself over and over as I begin to cherish all the small stuff in life. You are so inspiring. Thank you for the encouraging words. More than once you have ruined my makeup with happy tears! God Bless


    1. Thank you Peggy, your wonderful words of support mean so much to me! I’ve found so much inspiration form the words, “Someday I won’t be able to do this, today is NOT that day”, and it makes me so happy to hear that you have also! Thank you for all the time you put in at Young Life Peggy; I am grateful for you!


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