Focusing on the Good!

Someday I’m not gonna have my kids at home to take to urgent care, today is NOT that day!

Josie and I spent the majority of our day sitting in the urgent care clinic.  I am beyond words grateful for my family’s good health and will not complain for a second about spending a day at the doctor.  The thing is that I’m kind of a quirky person and being a germophobe and a bit claustrophobic are just a couple of my issues.  So when I’m stuck in a small room with the door shut in a germ filled building it’s a serious struggle.  Normally after them x-raying the wrong finger, the nurse putting some ridiculous beanie thing on her thumb and all the other mishaps that led to such a long day I would be very short tempered.  To be honest I did have a few freak outs, but they were friendly ones. 😛  I kept reminding myself of how fast times passes and how much I’m going to miss having my baby girl at home with me.  That led me to focus on making this a bonding time with Josie instead of letting myself run out of patience with the staff. We talked about wanting to get the heck out of there, but we made it a party and really enjoyed each other.  Despite being long, way too confining and germ filled, today was full of laughs and love!



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