Someday I won’t be able to ninja spy on my kids as they walk home from the bus stop, today is NOT that day!

Last year Josie and I would randomly pick days to hide and follow Annie home from the bus; we are such ninja masters that I don’t think she ever once caught us!  Now that Josie is in middle school and no longer gets out early, I’ve had to resort to using our dog Lucy as my new partner.  Lucy may be fast, but she is no ninja; Josie caught us half way through our mission.  My kids are all going to be driving before I know it, so for today I am going to take advantage of all the opportunities that I can to walk home with them from the bus stop (or from school on nice days) and randomly throw in some ninja to keep them on their toes.  Even though I got busted, today’s mission was a success!



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