Being Neighborly!

Someday I won’t have the chance to be a good neighbor, today is NOT that day!

This poster was given to me by my neighbor who became my friend and then my family.  Even though Nancy is no longer with us, she is still a great source of inspiration to me.  We took a hard financial hit during the recession and ended up having to sell our home. I knew at the time that it was just a house and we still had our health and each other and that is all that matters, but I still felt sorry for myself and lost.  I am disappointed in myself for how much it rocked my world and for how I put many aspects of my life on hold waiting to buy another house.  I may be stubborn and slow, but I am finally letting go and learning the lessons that God has been trying to teach me. Today I am grateful for the nudge from Nancy through her poster to get out and be neighborly.  I started a friendship with a new neighbor whom I can tell I am really going to enjoy and I spent a couple of heartfelt hours visiting with another lovely neighbor.  Today was a good!



One thought on “Being Neighborly!

  1. Shannon Lee Love this — my favorite so far !

    Erika Kasch Fisher heart emoticon

    Kiersten Palmersheim You can be my neighbor anytime!

    Chris Frink Kristie, I had no idea you went through any of this. You are always the most upbeat, optimistic person I know. You would be anyone’s favorite neighbor!

    Carol Ross Your a sweetheart! Love you💕💕


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