Candy Grams!

Someday I won’t be able to volunteer at my kids’ middle school, today is NOT that day!

Middle school can be a tricky time to navigate for both kids and parents (and sometimes I fail epic-ally!).  The best thing I can do is to remain present in my kids’ lives, so I love opportunities like this that allow me to do so.  Someday my kids will be out of school and all grown up, so work and chores may try to demand all of my time, but they aren’t going to get it today!  We really are blessed to live in a community so rich with amazing kids, parents and teachers!  Today was sweet!




One thought on “Candy Grams!

  1. Jaime Wyatt Miller Thank you for not tagging my blurry face

    Nichole Smith I recognize a bunch of those faces! What a great group of girls!

    Heather Ball These are the days I wish I didn’t work full time.

    Jessica Ybarra Perdue Fun pic! I love the moms in the back!!!

    Melanie Leach Mickel Ahhh! What a great group of gals.

    These are the bestest girls ever…..(Ella’s grandma).


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