Disneyland Family Vacation!

Someday I won’t be able to go to Disneyland with my family, today is NOT that day!
NOTHING beats a family vacation!  We absolutely loved and will forever cherish every second of our time together in this magical paradise!  I have to say (with the help of ridemax.com) we totally rocked Disneyland 🙂  Getting away from our daily routines and chores and having nothing to do but reconnect and enjoy each other was pure heaven.  They say a good life is a collection of happy moments.  Life is GOOD!
A video from our trip:

One thought on “Disneyland Family Vacation!

  1. Lisa Yi I’m so glad you’re having fun. What a time to be there too. The weather is wonderful!! smile emoticon

    Lynn Reynolds Awesome!

    Danni Morse Hall Love you

    Diane Granville Morse Soooo fun!

    Terri Ross Troelsen Fun Kristie!

    Kristie Benson https://youtu.be/3SwlKh5cQRs

    Victoria Stewart Our family loves our trips to Disneyland, there is nothing like it.

    Dennis Mock can we get a picture with Tom and Mickey Ears


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