Someday I won’t be able to unplug with my fam, today is NOT that day!

I finally got a smart phone a few months ago and since then I’ve found myself on my phone much more than I care to admit.  So for the remainder of the week my family and I are going off the “social” grid!  I’m sure my two social butterfly children will cheat a bit to share some of our experiences (and Tom and I will have our phones on in case of emergencies), but for the most part we will be internet free!  I’m grateful for smart phones, the internet and social media, but I gotta say that I’m totally pumped to take a reprieve from it all and just “be” with the ones that I love the most!  Today is refreshing!



One thought on “Unpluggin!

  1. Kiersten Palmersheim Have a great trip!!!! We did the same thing in Hawaii and it was so refreshing!!!!

    Katie Glasgow Ayers Have fun!!!!!🌽🍖😎🏄🏽

    Diane Granville Morse This is the best picture ever! Everyone smiling including Riley! I truly believe that this is the best vacation for any family. I know we had the best time last summer. Love you all and wish I was coming.

    Kiersten Palmersheim Have a great trip! Send lots of pics…..hahaha just kidding!

    Ruth Beckett Castro Love that. More of us should follow your lead.

    Lynn Reynolds Love it!!!

    Marie Cheatham See you when you get back.

    Garrett Dold You guys are awesome!

    Pamela Connell Cute picture.


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