Letters of Love!

Someday I won’t be able to send letters to loved ones, today is NOT that day!

I have no clue why, but mailing things has always been a mission impossible task for me.  There’s just something special about receiving good old fashioned letters and cards in your mailbox.  I often have grand intentions of sending well wishes, sympathy, congratulations or even a simple “hi, I’m thinking about you” to loved ones, but I usually fail with the follow-through.  For such a small accomplishment, it sure does feel fantastic!  I realized that while my calligraphy pens still have plenty of ink in them, my skill for using them is totally dried up!  I learned calligraphy in 5th grade and have always enjoyed it, but it’s probably been a couple of decades since I’ve done it last.  Putting my pens to use again (with plans of practicing more often) and teaching it to my girls was an extra bonus for today!  Today was perfectly pleasant!




One thought on “Letters of Love!

  1. Diane Granville Morse Beautiful!

    Kiersten Palmersheim Grandy can help with calligraphy! She should teach a class this summer!

    Jan Eklof I have 40 pen pals and write letters daily, I refuse to do email letters. It is nice to receive letters in a mail box. I have been paling since high school.


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