Creating Joy!

Someday I won’t be able to bead with my girls, today is NOT that day!

I have to wear my bifocal glasses on top of my reading glasses to be able to thread the darned beads now!  Still a few hours of being creative is always time well spent; I love the meditative state that it puts me in.  Over the last couple of years I have fallen into an unhealthy routine of focusing too heavily on my burdens and “to do” lists.  Appreciating and taking advantage of what I can do today has radically enhanced my life.  Gratitude journals are fantastic, but have never really done much for me personally.  This “living for today” mission that I am on however is like a living gratitude journal; I am a kinesthetic learner and apparently a kinesthetic “liver” too.  Today I am grateful for our time spent being creative and for this journey that has already replenished and nourished my soul in so many ways.  Today was insightful!



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