Unfortunate Reactions!

Someday I won’t be able to throw my kids when I’m scared, today is NOT that day!

Today Josie and I reunited a lost puppy with his owner, ate at Red Robin, saw the awesome new Kung Fu Panda movie and went putt putt golfing.  We decided to finish our fun day off by taking pics in the photo booth.  We were having a grand time until Annie and her friends snuck up on us, opened the curtain and yelled boo; they scared me so badly that I literally threw poor Josie off my lap and onto the ground.  I am a fierce mama bear with my kids and if you ever hurt one of them you better run.  My knee jerk reactions when I am scared though are quite unfortunate.  For reasons that I do not understand and am not proud of I usually end up throwing my kids; off my lap, out of a moving horse drawn carriage, towards hungry bald eagles that want to eat us just to name a few.  The good news is that someday I won’t be strong enough to throw them anymore 😛  Today was shockingly fun!

The first pic is what I look like when I scared out of my mind- those turds haha!


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