Me and my Shadow!

Someday Lucy won’t be my shadow, today is NOT that day!

I’m not really a big dog lover kind of person, but this stinker has definitely gotten to me.  The kids say she is addicted to me and needs medication to deal with her separation anxiety when I’m gone. 😛  She can’t even stand when someone other than me holds her leash.  She rarely needs to be leashed though because she is always right at my side; I love runs with her.  Four years ago just as my kids were growing out of the stage of being my constant shadows we got Lucy and she took that role over.  It was a bit much for me at first and still is at times.  Someday I won’t have this happy and loyal companion to shower me with love though, so today I am going to appreciate, enjoy and love this sweet dog right back!  Today was good!


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