Cartwheel turned Twerk!

Someday I won’t be able to do a cartwheel, today is NOT that day!

Being able to still do cartwheels was one of my biggest concerns when discussing the  arthritis in my wrist with my doctor.  I’ve always thought that I did quite spectacular cartwheels and laughed at how horrible my kids are at it.  Until today.  After the initial shock I felt when viewing the pics of the cartwheels that I did in the toy room, I decided that I just needed a larger space so that I could get my normal running start.  Unfortunately being outside with room to run did not help.  It’s been quite sobering to realize that apparently my kids inherited their special gymnastic talents from me.  The good news is that my upside down twerk is totally on point!  Today was revealing 😉



One thought on “Cartwheel turned Twerk!

  1. Maria: Kristie. I see you doing this actively this year. I think you have always done this… Maybe you didn’t realize until you made it a goal but you have alwAys been the woman that they are talking about. You are my role model. Not Martha Stewart where everything is home grown and perfect. But where everything is real and what matters most is emphasized. You are the model for that. You will have no regrets. It’s really special and anyone who knows you is lucky.
    I really hope you can realize in your lifetime how special you are Kristie. The way you might think of someone with mind blowing natural talent or crazy sports skills and determination. That is exactly how people feel about you when they really get to know you. That is you. That is how other people see you. You need to know that. You make a huge impact on the people around you so keep doing what you do and being exactly who you are because it really matters. To everyone.

    Sara Stock Steinke Oh man, the cartwheels make me feel OLD every time! Good for you for even trying! Pretty sure I’d break something!

    Kellie-Tony Fox I love you Kristie!

    Mary Ellen Helmes Too funny! heart emoticon

    Amy Shaw Surface Love it!!!


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