The Wheel!

Someday I won’t get to share the wheel with my kids, today is NOT that day!

The Wheel of Fortune was a constant in my grandparents daily routine; and of ours whenever we were with them.  Every time the show began my gramps would let us know that Pat and Vanna have a “thing” and my Grama would usually be the first to solve all of the puzzles.  This is just one of the many things that I desperately miss now that they’re gone.  I love sharing this nightly ritual with my kids now and it makes me feel closer to my G’s.  I am grateful beyond words for the time that I had with my G’s and for the time that I still have with my kids.  Life is good and today was love!



One thought on “The Wheel!

  1. Diane Granville Morse I am so glad the kids and you are able to enjoy the wheel. I am sure Grama is loving it. I miss them so much. Love you all.

    Jodi Bergmeier Hunzeker Are game is Family Freud. Hayden loves Steve

    Kiersten Palmersheim Charlie and I should come watch with you, we love it too! Your G’s sound awesome….wish I would have met them

    Kim Johnson Seriously these are making me so sad…. Kole and I watch criminal minds and all those shows together. He doesn’t leave until August but I feel I have been mourning for months already at just the thought.


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