Good Girls!

Someday I’m not going to have to work so hard to get these girls to break the rules, today is NOT that day!

“We can’t!  The sign says the sidewalk is closed Mom!”.  I did finally get them to come past the sign for this adventure, but it took a considerable amount of coaxing.  Annie has always come unglued whenever I veer outside of the lines.  Obviously I don’t break any serious rules, I’m just a round peg that doesn’t fit in life’s square holes.  On the way home Annie informed me that she is only this way when she is with our family because someone has to keep us “in check” haha.  Given that Annie is from the same mold as her brother Brady and I and we too used to be extreme rule followers, I suspect that she will be joining us outside of the lines within the next couple of years.  In the meantime, I am soaking up every adorable moment with these girls.  Today was precious!


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