My Yes Girl!

Someday I won’t have my sweet girl living here to accept my invitations, today is NOT that day!

I love that Josie answers yes to almost all of my invitations; playing a game, reading books together, going on a hike, playing Frisbee… you name it and she is usually game.  I’m still sick, so a quick visit to Frenchman’s for some fresh air was perfect. We enjoyed the view, drew in the sand and solved a few world problems.  I am grateful for how this new journey is prompting me to do more with my kids on a daily basis; these extra moments of bonding are priceless to me.  Time is fleeting and someday has a way of covertly rushing in, today however offers me everything that I could ever want or need if I choose to acknowledge and accept it.  Today I feel especially blessed by my number 4, my littlest angel, my poo bear, my baby girl Josie Lynn.  Today was fulfilling!


One thought on “My Yes Girl!

  1. Stephanie Bell ❤

    Katie Glasgow Ayers So sweet

    Keela Stumpf That hat tho…

    Debby Stevison Lail I love these Kristie… thank you for sharing!

    Michelle Phillips Love this!! Love you both Ryann too she's my yes girl


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