Piggin Out!

Someday I won’t be able to beat my kids using all my trick shots in PIG, today is NOT that day!

Everyone in my family can whoop me in a real game of basketball, but I still have some trick shots up my sleeves for PIG.  I love that my kids enjoy sports and am thrilled that I am still able to play with them.  I usually pay for it with sore muscles the next day now, but I still enjoy it as much as ever.  Playing sports and doing fun physical activities with my kids is one of my absolute greatest joys in life!  Today I am extremely grateful for my physical health and ability.  Today was a ball!


One thought on “Piggin Out!

  1. Laurie Gray Pritchard You’re amazing

    Carrie Christensen Schaller Impressive. I don’t think I could even make a basket.

    Allison Gahr VanArnam my trick shots are tickle him while he shoots!

    Lisa Driver Ummmmmm! Tom Benson should be doin’ CARTWHEELS to celebrate you’re his wife!! Please post the CARTWHEEL pic! wink emoticon


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