Big Girl Bonding!

Someday I won’t be able to bond with my teenage daughter at the mall, today is NOT that day!

I am not a fan of mall shopping unless I get to bond with my teenage daughter while doing it.  My kids are young at heart and Annie is still very much our little girl, however she is also growing up in many ways.  I find this stage with my kids delightfully amazing; I love being able to relate to and bond with them on this new “grown up” level.  When they were toddlers I slowed life down so they had time to explore this “new to them” world; we would take a half hour just to walk to the mailbox.  As adolescents I slow life down again as they explore this world through new eyes; instead of rushing through the mall like I normally would we spent 4 hours there.  All too soon my turn as a mom of teens and young adults will end; since there is no “pause” button for life I am grateful for every precious moment (even if it is at the mall).  Today was a special day!



One thought on “Big Girl Bonding!

  1. My reflections at 19 days in: The process of writing about these activities causes me to really dig deep and think about how I feel about them. This in turn is making me live life more mindfully and purposefully. I love how it is inspiring to do more, especially during these winter months where I usually struggle more.


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