Party at G6!

Someday I won’t be able to jump for 2.5 hours on trampolines, today is NOT that day!

G6 is a party!  I am starting to notice that I’m not 20 anymore, so I was staying away from the dodge ball room and instead thoroughly enjoying jumping my heart out (well other than the frequent bathroom trips because apparently old ladies pee their pants while jumping).  Once the dodge ball room cleared out Josie asked me to play with just her and her friends; and to that I said a big heck yes.  I may be old, but I can still take out 6th grade girls no problem!  Well 2 minutes into it and Annie’s friends saw us and came running back.  Hold up now- 8th grade boys are quite another story.  Especially 8th grade boys that take absolutely no pity on old ladies.  I panicked for a second and then remembered my 2016 mission of making the most of what I can still do today.  So I put on my big girl pants and it was on!  Sure I may have resorted to cheating a few times, but my 14 year old daughter and her friends ain’t got nothing on me yet!  I smell like a high school boy’s locker room and probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow, but today was a totally fantastic day!


One thought on “Party at G6!

  1. Jodi Bergmeier Hunzeker Fun times, next time this old lady will take on those boys…. We will work on that problem of yours like I said best $15 co pay I EVER paid!!! Haha

    That is a group of well-loved kids. Beautiful!

    Sara Stock Steinke So fun! John took Ella and Wren there this weekend and said that Dodge Ball area was no joke and killer!

    Thea Hosford What a fantastic time! Riley was impressed!

    Shannon Lee Love it

    Kerri Overcast Stockman I jump about 3 times and then need to go to the bathroom smile emoticon

    Georgene Sprinkel Lot’s of smiles had by all.

    Katie Glasgow Ayers No broken bones!! Phew…

    Pamela Connell Way to go Kristie Benson,I want to go next time.


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