Compassion Experience!

Someday I won’t get to share outings like these with my family, today is NOT that day!

Missing my college boy Brady and feeling grateful that I still have these 3 at home to go on family outings with.  Compassion experience is a traveling immersive exhibit that allows you to experience other cultures and the realities of global poverty.  I appreciate the reminder that so many of my first world problems are actually privileges, not problems!  I flip a switch and lights turn on, I have hot water for a shower and clean water to drink, my kids get to go to school instead of go to work; these are just a few of the countless miracles that I take for granted every day.  They say life is what you make it and perspective is everything.  I could describe my life as having to work too much to afford my 4 kids who are all in some stage of puberty and driving me crazy.  Or I could describe my life as being blessed beyond measure to have the ability to support my 4 healthy children that bring me endless joy.  I may not have all the first world luxuries that make for the “good life”, but today I am able to see that I have everything that I need to make for my perfect life!  Today has been a privilege!


Concentrating so hard that my tongue is sticking out and I still can’t get a decent selfie of myself haha


One thought on “Compassion Experience!

  1. Amy Shaw Surface Love this!

    Angie Martin I forgot about this

    Sandi Hawk Christian We went last night!! Pretty powerful!!

    Cory Killeen Oh man!! We wanted to go do this!! Sorry to have missed it, glad you could go


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