Max is not my friend!

Someday I won’t ride Max for the first time, today was NOT that day!

I decided to ditch work for an urban hike with my friends today.  We started the hike on the Wildwood trail, this was a first for me and I will definitely be returning to this beautiful forest trail.  Then we stopped for my first visit to the impressive Pittock Mansion; the view of the city from that vantage point is simply stunning!  On our way to lunch we just happened by Blue Star donuts; I’ve been hearing great things about them so that was another bonus first for me.  Lunch at the Fireside restaurant was next on our list and another first that won’t be my last as the food was delicious.  A day full of fun firsts.  And then came Max… so not the experience I was expecting.  Everything was hunkey dorey and then all of a sudden we were confined in a squishy bus/train 750 underground in a dark narrow tunnel!  I may as well of been on an airplane for as terrified as I was!  Thankfully I was with my sweet friends who talked me through it instead of my kids who would have just made fun of me and told me stories about the earth caving in on us.  I was completely exhausted by the time we got back up to land.  Still I have to be grateful; that added fear factor bumped today up from the eventful category into the adventure category!  Plus it forced me to run a few miles(burning my donut calories) to get rid of all that anxious energy!  Today was a novel day!


(the picture on Max was taken BEFORE we entered the center of the earth)


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