Siblings Keeping it Real!

Someday I won’t have pictures of these siblings to work with, today is NOT that day!

I was extremely shy and self-conscious growing up, so I’ve put my best effort into raising my kids to be true to themselves, confident and not concerned about the opinions of others.  It tickles me to no end that as teenagers they are willing to let me take these creative liberties with them!  My greatest joy and one of my most difficult challenges in life is keeping up with their vastly different and unique personalities.  Wrap them all up together and therein lies my whole heart and entire world!

Instead of working on my client’s pictures, I spent the day delighting in pictures of my own kids.  Today was a picture perfect day!



One thought on “Siblings Keeping it Real!

  1. Natalie Fernandez Schaller Love these

    Candace Zettle 💕

    Chris Frink I can’t believe Josie agreed to s toot toot photo. You always capture their personalities.

    Karen Hipolito Castro Awesome pictures:)

    Brenda: Following your posts, its the only thing I stalk!! smile emoticon Just read your newest one and thought I would just let you know what I think of you. That’s where that came from! Have a fantastic evening and I will look forward to your post tomorrow. Say hi to Tom and Brady for me. (Well keep blogging! I need ya, you are my therapy smile emoticon. How’d Brady get soooo smart?)


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