Party at the butt crack of dawn!

Someday I won’t have kids at home to get boundary exceptions for, today is NOT that day!

Take 7 devoted parents (perfectly placed thanks to Jaime) in front of TJ at 4:00 am in 35 degree weather, throw in a phat hoop and bumpin music and it’s a party!  I am so not a morning person and there’s a good chance we won’t even need this boundary exception, but as it turns out this may have been the most fun I’ve had at 4:00am!  Today I am grateful for early morning bonding with amazing people (and for my sweet friend Thea <3)!



One thought on “Party at the butt crack of dawn!

  1. The rest of the story ask Thea, OMG!

    Shannon Lee Awesome !!!!

    Darcy Newton Oh man I didn’t realize it was that difficult! smile emoticon

    Jill Wright-Griffith Great dedication to your kiddos! Good luck! (Jennifer Hanley Delich you made it!)

    Cortney Gillam · 19 mutual friends
    Great job guys!!!

    Carrie Christensen Schaller Been there. Done that. It’s all so worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

    Jodi Jensen Hanes I was at Gaiser with a great group of four parents. We didn’t take a cute picture.

    Mary Ramsey Miller Good momma’s (and papa).

    Kevin Loucks Good video ,just in time before public outcry .

    Kristie Benson haha I am to please tongue emoticon However now you can see why I normally refrain from posting video!

    Kevin Loucks What ya talking about that was quality t.v .

    Kelsey Moran Mongrain You should’ve called Pat – he would’ve brought you guys coffee and breakfast!

    Lisa Driver I think I got the ONLY boundary exception my year to go to Evergreen instead of Mt. View. I had to register @ both schools while waiting and didn’t get the final approval until close to school starting…..I had 2 schedules and just crossed my fingers! I can’t imagine my life without EHS…….we’ll NEVER know! Good luck!

    Been there and done that too! Why is it always a frozen tundra when this day rolls around!

    Oh my gosh it’s that time isn’t it! Good luck!

    Sheila Owings Guernsey Wow… 4am? We thought getting there at 6am was a big deal.

    Katie McDowell · 5 mutual friends
    That is awesome!!

    Kristina Pinkston I was wondering what that group was!!

    Mary Eckardt-Mcchesney That’s awesome!


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