Boogie Down!

Someday I won’t be able to dance at the middle school social, but today is NOT that day!

The song was asking, “how low can you go?”.  Sounded like a challenge to me! So I got on that floor and took it all the way down to the ground baby! On my way back up I noticed that my daughter’s friends were all smiling and waving at me.  Crap!  I forgot to remember that this was Josie’s first middle school social and my participation might not be appreciated.  I took a breath and looked in her direction… Yes!  She was smiling and happy to see me; permission to boogie on!

Middle school can be a tricky time for these tweens, watching and taking pictures of so many of them dancing and being silly made my heart happy 🙂  And getting to dance myself on top of that made this a very good day!


One thought on “Boogie Down!

  1. Katie Glasgow Ayers I love you and your awesome spirit Kristie Benson!!

    Marie Cheatham Awesome Mom!!!!

    Kevin Loucks That’s awesome ‘

    Kevin Loucks anymore youthfull outbursts like this should be supported by video !

    Melanie Leach Mickel Ahh! Looks like so much fun!

    Jae Weber you go girl….

    Kellie-Tony Fox I am loving your “today is not that day “antics Kristie Benson! You go girl!

    Shannon Lee Oh man my favorite ! I usually attend with Micah but missed this one — next time I’m out there with you !


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