A Beautiful Disaster!

Someday I won’t live in a house that is a total pigsty, but today is NOT that day!

I deep clean regularly and sometimes our house is presentable, but for the better part of the last 2 decades our house has been a total pigsty. I’m not talking about a crumb on the counter or the laundry isn’t folded type scenario, I’m referring to a hurricane hit it type disaster!  When the kids were younger we couldn’t be bothered with cleaning because there are just too many amazing parks and adventures to be had in our neighborhood!  Now that they’re older it is mission impossible to get them to do their chores(as much a fault in my parenting as it is due to the fact that we have some serious ADD type issues in this gene pool!). So while I may wish our house was showcase clean now, I know that when it finally is it will mean 2 things; 1) my kids no longer live with me and 2) I am not in the middle of some huge passion inspired project.  So today I am feeling less concerned about the appearance of our home and much more grateful and blessed to have my kids here to live passionately in it with me! ❤



One thought on “A Beautiful Disaster!

  1. Jessica Ybarra Perdue I love your words and your openness to share them. You are amazing lady kristie. If you ever need a reminder of that, call me.

    Carrie Christensen Schaller Hmmm… maybe I am glad you didn’t rent my house! hahaha! Just kidding! I agree with what you said. I miss cleaning up play-doh and fingerprints off of the windows.
    Heather Pace you and your willingness to be real and vulnerable.

    Renee Kinkley I can SO relate to this! Thanks for sharing and making feel ‘normal’.

    Jennifer Draper Hadfield You’re amazing and I’ve always loved and admired you and your family.
    Maria Fogg I have a strong feeling that when our houses are all perfect it won’t seem as important. You are a memory maker and I think your kids’ memories won’t have anything to do with the picture in this story.

    Kristie Benson Thanks Maria smile emoticon

    April Leonard Well said.

    Jennifer Tynes Brown Love love love!!

    Kevin Loucks I can’t stop laughing.

    Sheila Owings Guernsey Lucky you!

    Stacie Jenkins Townsend I’m the same. I’ve never known what it’s like to have a clean or well decorated house, except when I was selling one. I DO know what it’s like to me immersed in fun or creating. So. It must be okay. smile emoticon

    Todd Dombrow I’d rather have a pig sty than have a child less house and life. But yeah I get your point in fact my kids just lost their stupid Xbox privileges

    Rich Miller Lived in!

    Angela Reed Shaw Basically my house.


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