Auto Mechanics 101

Someday this boy won’t need me to teach him how to fix his car, but today is NOT that day!

I used to be part of a pit crew; we raced Greg Biffle back in the day and I was awarded an official NASCAR “tough gal” award.  I loved the racing world and working on cars, but retired my wrench when I got married.  Normally getting up to work on a corroded battery and frayed wires on an icy cold morning would not appeal to me in the least. But today I feel blessed to know as much as I do about cars and to be able to pass that knowledge on to my boy Riley! It may be slushy and wet outside, but today is a beautiful day!



One thought on “Auto Mechanics 101

  1. Kiersten Vogtli Palmersheim That’s cause your a bada#%!

    Sara Stock Steinke You are certainly a lady of many talents (and a great outlook!). smile emoticon

    Gina Domeniconi-Gasser That’s awesome!!

    Ruth Beckett Castro You are a stud. Awesome.

    Laura Jepson Behrens So my car is making his funny noise…You rock Kristie Benson!

    Kevin Loucks Bambino’s garage !

    Kate Singh Way to go… Something new we didn’t know! Badass Mom!!

    Linda Parson Dollar I did not know this about you!

    Sara Ketelson You go girl!🏻

    Marie Cheatham You are one awesome lady!

    Teresa Lewis That is awesome! !

    Thea Hosford Impressive!

    Melissa Marshall Way to go Kristie!!

    Suzanne Michalik Cool! I never knew.

    Stacie Jenkins Townsend I love the little bits and pieces I’m learning about you as I share in your joy journey! Keep this up, it’s inspiring!!!

    Raelynn Van Zeipel-King Now I know who to call when we have car trouble

    Brandie Fitzgerald Awesome!!!!!!!

    Tracy Webb Thun Love reading your writings. You are a lady with many talents


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