Someday I won’t be able to spend hours sledding down and walking back up a big sledding hill, but today is NOT that day!

Who doesn’t love an unexpected snow day?!  Although the snow wasn’t deep, by this evening it was fantastically fast!  Great sledding paired with my family and great friends made today a really awesome day!  Today I am especially grateful for the healthy legs that God has blessed me with to get me back up the hill so many times!



2 thoughts on “Sledding!

  1. Carmen <3<3

    Diane Granville Morse What a great picture and so much fun. We had snow too but not enough to sled.

    Stephanie Bell Woohoo! You go girl! Love your energy:)

    Michelle Lueck Kristie Benson! I want to be you when I grow up!

    Dawn Horner Go Kristie!

    Nadine Ellis Miller We did family sledding too.

    Thea Hosford Love this pic


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