My Boy!

Someday I won’t own the most real estate in this boy’s heart, but today is NOT that day!

Even though he can be a major P.I.T.A., sending this boy of mine back to college never gets easier.  And now that he is in his twenties I am increasingly aware of the fact that I’m not going to be his #1 forever.  I pray for his future wife and will be overflowing with joy for him when he finds the “one”.  But today he is still a mama’s boy and I am grateful for every second that I get with him!




3 thoughts on “My Boy!

  1. Debbie Salter Craton My boys are nearly 29 and 27 and I still rear up or full on cry when I say goodbye! Living out of state and having the grandson probably don’t help!

    Jodi Bergmeier Hunzeker Is this your blog ??

    Rachelle Hansen Burt We are at a hotel after driving all day yesterday to get Macey back to school. She decided to stay the night on the couch in our room tonight so she can have breakfast with us before we head back home. (Hotel is about 30 minutes from her school and it’s supposed to snow, so I didn’t want her rushing here early before we go!). Every moment counts.

    Sheila Owings Guernsey I feel your pain sister


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